He Wrote Go! is a small publishing concern in Wellington, New Zealand run by Jon Bell. Each quarter we publish two magazines.

What do you publish?

Plebe is where I feature creative writing and whatever strikes my fancy. It was started in the 90s as a way to feature poetry and drawings from my friends. It was restarted in 2014 and it's been going strong ever since. Near Future Field Notes are essays and ideas about how things are and might be soon, with an optimistic bent.

How much?

Each issue typically runs about 10,000 words and for $5 you get an ebook, an audiobook, and a web version. It's the best deal in publishing. Other than free. Free is a better deal, barely.

What does "He Wrote Go!" mean?

Steve Jobs wrote me an email once that simply said "Go!"

Contact me

You can email me at jbell@lot23.com. I'd love to hear from you!